Meaty Meatless Mushroom Pasta!





Meaty Meatless Mushroom Pasta!

I’m always looking for ways to cut meat out of my meals, because it’s healthy for us, the planet and animals.  But I understand sometimes we miss the meat, or a dish just feels lacking without it. This is usually because we didn’t add something that can be as satisfying as meat or as filling.  That’s why I love using mushrooms, they give you that meaty texture, they’re delicious and soak up lots of flavor.  You won’t miss the meat in this dish!


1 packet of  Cremini mushrooms or about 2 cups sliced, the more the merrier 🙂

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 handfulls of Spinach or 2 cups

1 bag of your favorite pasta

2-3 tables spoons pesto, I love to use my own pesto but fresh from a market or deli is great to, I’m usually not a fan of the canned kinds.

1/4 lemon per plate for serving

grated Asiago or parmesan 2 tablespoons for each plate for serving

Slice up your mushrooms and begin sautéing them in the olive oil over med heat for about 5 min, then reduce to low and sauté for about another 15 min, this really caramelizes them and reduces them which concentrates their flavor. Boil your pasta as the mushrooms cook.  When your pasta’s almost done add the spinach to your mushrooms and sauté for a few minutes until wilted.  Put your pasta back in the pan used to boil it and add the pesto, mix together well.  Now add the mushroom and spinach mixture to the noodles and mix together making sure the pesto coats everything. Place pasta into bowls and sprinkle with grated cheese and serve with a lemon wedge.  The lemon just gives it the right brightness and acidity.

Bon Appetite! 🙂

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