Today’s Lesson: Go Fish! Sustainably!


Shrimp Roll!!

By now you’ve probably heard about issues such as overfishing and the multitude of problems our oceans face due to pollution.  So what can you do as a consumer to help fight these problems?  Become aware of what kinds of fish are a good choice and which ones to avoid.  Shrimp can be a great sustainable choice.  So wild or farmed, which is better? There’s been some negative press about farm raised fish due to the pollution that occurs when this practice is done in the ocean, called “farmed in open systems.”  However in the US and Canada these practices are usually done inland and are held to much higher standards than in Asia and Mexico.  The best choices are those farmed or caught wild in the US.  Most fish at the store is labeled so you know where it’s from and how it’s raised, either wild or farmed.  It’s also good to find a local fish monger that knows her/his fish and who you can ask about these complex issues.  This is a great website that will tell you about any fish you’re interested in buying and how to make the responsible choice.  You can also download the app from this website to your iPhone or android smart phone so that when you’re out you have all the info in the palm of your hand.  To be sustainable doesn’t mean to go without, it simply means making the better choice.

Shrimp Roll:  I had seen one too many cooking shows where lobster rolls were featured and I was dying to have one.  I decided to make my own but to use shrimp instead since they’re cheaper and the thought of screaming lobsters (true or not) freaks me out.  I got exactly what I wanted, this dish is simple yet amazingly delicious! This is sure to be a summer time classic that will make everyone’s mouth water. This recipe makes 4 rolls.


1lb already cooked or raw shrimp.  I usually just by the already cooked shrimp for this since it’s served cold, but if you’d prefer to cook your own just let them cool down before you proceed.

1/2 red bell pepper diced

3 celery sticks diced

1/4 red onion diced

2 cloves of garlic minced

1 tbs Dijon mustard

2 tbs mayo

1 lemon

1 avocado sliced (for serving)

1/4 cup basil sliced (for serving)

salt and pepper


Chop up the shrimp, I usually just cut them in half or in thirds so they’re nice size chucks.  Chop up all your veggies add those to the shrimp in a large mixing bowl.  Now add in the mustard, mayo, and the juice of the lemon.  Stir everything together and salt and pepper to taste.  Let this refrigerate for about a half hour.  An important part of this dish is the bun.  I went through many buns before I found the perfect one that was soft enough but could hold the weight of the shrimp.  Something like a hoagie bun is probably your best bet.  I like to toast these in the oven for just a few minutes and then pile on the shrimp mixture and top with the avocado slices and basil.  I usually serve this with potato chips or french fries.  So easy and so delicious!

Bon Appetit!

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